Month: June 2015

Soon Robots Will Play a Significant Role in Our Day-to-Day Lives


Believe it or not, the most basic forms of robots have already found their ways into our lives! A good example of such robots is Roomba, iRobot vacuum cleaner, which automatically cleans homes of millions of common people who own one of these robots.

In the next decade, we’ll see the robots’ impacts will exponentially increase in our lives and they will seamlessly become part of our everyday lives. Although that seems kind of scary, my bet is that, like all other new technologies, the net benefits of robots will overweight the downside. Below are a few ways that I can envision robots will find their ways into our homes:

1) Substitute the on-demand workers in the sharing economy: As you may know, Uber has heavily invested in the self-driving cars and poached 40 of the top robotic talents & scientists from one of the most credible robotics research institutes, Carnegie Mellon University. From the Uber’s recent moves, it’s clear that the company is committed to swap its drivers with robots in the near future. (more…)