Month: April 2015

10 Management Lessons Learned – From Harvard to Startup & Large Firms

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During the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to take on various roles in companies of all sizes. My experiences have included being the founder of a startup, Product Lead in a high growth tech company, and Product Gal in a multi-billion dollar publicly traded healthcare IT firm. I also acquired management and leadership training at the best institution known for these topics — Harvard Business School — and spent two years analyzing hundreds of cases on the best and worst management and leadership styles.

Through all these experiences I have learned a lot about management and leadership. Here are my top 10 take aways about what every manager/leader should do in order to succeed:   

1. Master communication: This is the “golden rule” of leadership and management. Clear and timely communication with your team is the most powerful tool you can have in your leadership toolkit.

2. Share the vision, the pleasure, and the pain: The best way to get your team’s support and buy-in is to share your vision with them and describe the foundation for certain decisions. Understanding the logic behind any decision allows your team to cope with a tough situation much better and support you and your decision. I repeatedly heard from my teams that they appreciated “transparency,” even if the message delivered contained uncertainty or challenges. (more…)

What to Expect in 2015 in the Wearable & IoT World?


For much of 2014, wearable technology has been the subject of great hype and even greater skepticism, fueled by speculation around whether these emerging devices will have a positive or negative impact on our lives. Some people think that wearables are a fad. Others claim they have no impact. However, many of us believe that wearables are here to stay! We suspect that the ability to collect data about ourselves and our surroundings are phenomena that will change our lives forever for the better, and that they will not go away anytime soon. We are now at the tipping point of the wearable revolution. Here are some of my predictions for what we will witness in the rest 2015:

1. Wearables will go mainstream: One in five American adults already owns a wearable device, according to a PwC report. That’s on par with tablets in 2012, when the adoption rate sat at 20% after just two years on the market. Today more than 40% of Americans own a tablet, and it seems reasonable to expect similar adoption patterns with wearables. (more…)